Center for Purposeful Leadership

Great Virtual/Hybrid Meetings, Presentations and Beyond!

Maximize Collaboration in a Post-COVID World
presented by Patricia Neal of the Center for Purposeful Leadership

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 | 3:30 – 5:00 pm Central

The need for authentic connection and engagement is greater than ever in this virtual world, especially to maintain trust and believability. Meeting and presentation design and personal presence are more than 50% of any great virtual meeting or presentation. This session will help you and those you are engaging to stay on track and be productive in a way that is generative rather than draining.

In this Training, you will…

  • Learn to facilitate or present at a distance so you can create engaging, participatory meetings or trainings for remote teams or 1:1 meetings with anyone, anywhere.
  • Get behind the scenes with Zoom technology to explore current tools and features.
  • Unleash your EQ with the power of convening.
  • Learn how virtual convening and presentation skills can shift the culture of your attendees, team, department or organization to full-on commitment.
  • With the Art of Convening 9 Steps to Collaboration methodology, you will plan and design your meetings and presentations for vitality, energy and end with committed action.

The event is finished.

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