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July 14th 2021 Center for Purposeful Leadership

Great Virtual / Hybrid Meetings and Beyond!

The need for authentic connection and engagement is greater than ever in this virtual world, especially to maintain trust and believability. Meeting and presentation design and personal presence are more than 50% of any great virtual meeting or presentation. This session will help you and those you are engaging to stay on track and be productive in a way that is generative rather than draining.

In this Training, you will…

  • Learn to facilitate or present at a distance so you can create engaging, participatory meetings or trainings for remote teams or 1:1 meetings with anyone, anywhere.
  • Get behind the scenes with Zoom technology to explore current tools and features.
  • Unleash your EQ with the power of convening.
  • Learn how virtual convening and presentation skills can shift the culture of your attendees, team, department or organization to full-on commitment.
  • With the Art of Convening 9 Steps to Collaboration methodology, you will plan and design your meetings and presentations for vitality, energy and end with committed action.

Presenter Bio:

Patricia NealPatricia Neal, Co-Founder & President
Co-author of The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings, and Conversations
Co-founder, The Convening Institute
Art of Convening© Certified Convening Leader

Patricia works at the intersection of individual and organizational change, where she collaborates with individuals and teams to increase their positive impact in the world in a way that feels inspired and alive. She does this through thoughtfully curated, high-impact experiences; workshops, retreats, and courses; and speaking.

Patricia’s focus is inspiring CPL’s growth through program development and execution of CPL’s signature programs: The Art of Convening Trainings, Collaborative Leadership model and toolkit, and consulting and coaching programs. All CPL programs are dedicated to creating a world that works for all.

Patricia Neal graduated from Auburn University with a BS in Elementary Education. Through her work and organizational experiences she found a passion for convening working with communities, communities of practice, organizations and companies around her. With 30+ years of working with entrepreneurial start-ups and community organizing, Patricia has had a broad experience in convening, marketing and organizational operations. Patricia held positions at Telemedia Communications, successfully launching two national magazines, Garden Way Mfg. Inc, and DeepRock Mfg. Patricia, co-author of The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings and Conversations, coached and prepared executives for the Thought Leader Gatherings and Transformational Leaders Collaboratory for 15 years.

Most recently, she launched The Convening Institute, a community of Art of Convening Graduates & allies to advance convening & purpose as essential leadership practices.

Patricia is trained in and utilizes a variety of convening, facilitation and community management methods. These include The Art of Convening Practicum Trainings and Certifications, Six Initiatives of Transformation, Coaching for ROI, C-IQ Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, True North Groups Institute, Twin Cities Rise Personal Empowerment Facilitator Training, World Café, ToP Core Competencies, Open Space, and Presencing/Theory U.

Patricia believes in the value of giving back to the community and serving as a leader to all around her. Patricia is co-founder of the Conscious Business Alliance and serves as a Founding Board member, now an Advisory Council member of Honoring Women Worldwide, served as a Founding Board member of Women’s Congress for Future Generations Conferences and the Positive Coaching Alliance MN Chapter. She is a continuing active member of the National Association of Professional Women and National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation. She has also been an instrumental influence in the development and progression of three Waldorf Schools.

In Patricia’s free time she enjoys being the mother of three children, grandmother of three amazing human beings, reading and competing as a sprint triathlete. The YWCA Sprint Triathlon for Women is an annual goal–this is year 7!

Follow-up Coaching Sessions:

–  3 sessions included in the partner agreement – work with Patricia
–  She should also record 1 session and provide a toolkit of virtual presenter and meeting best practices

The event is finished.