Call for Speakers

Fusion Learning Partners is currently reviewing the submitted presentations for the 2022 GOVIT Symposium.
Speakers will be notified in August!

About Fusion Learning Partners

From learning opportunities and events to organizational development and collaborative initiatives, Fusion exists to strengthen and transform the communities where we work, live, and thrive.

Because Innovation Begins with Learning.

2022 Steering Committee

Alex Hepp, City of Hopkins
Nirja Trivedi, Microsoft 
Chad Kummerow, Microsoft
Nash Pherson, Microsoft
Corey Tramm, Sourcewell Tech
Dave Andrews, Minnesota State Services for the Blind – DEED
Jay Wyant, Minnesota IT Services
Jim Hall, Hallmentum

Sarah Mixdorf, Google
Joel Pingel, Google
Lisa Meredith, MN CCC
Matt Bailey, IBM
Melissa Reeder, League of Minnesota Cities
Jennifer Marik, AWS – WWPS
Sue Wallace, Quantico Consulting
Amy Middendorf, Morrison County
Raquel Anderson, MNIT Central