Vickie Kittilson Service Award Winner

Vickie Kittilson of Washington County, Minnesota

Recipient of the ‘Service’ Golden GOVIT Category

Project Name: “CARES Act Rental Assistance Form”

A form created for our Community Social Services Department as a way to allow individuals to submit a request for financial assistance to help with rent, mortgage, or utilities due to COVID-19.

Read updates on the CARES Act Rental Assistance Form and thoughts on the future from Vickie:

Have there been any significant updates to the CARES Act Rental Assistance Form since December, or perhaps any new services Washington County has implemented to assist their residents?
  1. I created a new form for 2021, as the team wanted to keep the data separate from 2020. This form was to accept applications until the state purchased application (Allita) was configured for Washington County.
  2. The first of May they started accepting applications on Allita.
What challenges have you faced in implementing this service?

The reporting requirements were the most difficult to include in the form because SharePoint is not designed to be a database, more a way of collecting information.

How has working amidst a Pandemic shifted your role and your outlook in your industry?
  1. My role remains the same, as SharePoint is a web-based application. I was able to help more departments during the pandemic, as all the meetings were virtual and more succinct.
  2. I expect the web-based industry to expand even more in the near future. With more companies switching to a working from home model, the need for web-based applications is bound to increase.
Personally, what are you looking forward to most when the Pandemic restrictions are lifted?

Being able to go to my favorite restaurant on a busy night without planning and not having to wait 2 hrs. to get a table.