Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction

Thursday, December 12

10:00 am – 11:30 am

The Future is Now

George Paulik
Electrical Engineer, IBM

Quantum computing is a new paradigm for computing which could lead to breakthroughs in solving problems that are intractable for the most powerful “classical” supercomputers. In this session, we describe some of these important but intractable problems and give examples of quantum algorithms that solve these problems faster than their known classical counterparts.

After providing the motivation for pursuing quantum computing, we discuss the qubit and how it differs from the classical bit. We describe quantum superposition, entanglement, parallelism, and interference, and discuss the basic operation of a quantum algorithm, including the challenges which must be overcome to build a quantum computer that demonstrates an advantage over its classical counterpart.

Participants will use Composer, the IBM Q Experience graphical coding tool, to write and run simple quantum programs.
Laptops will be provided or participants are welcome to bring their own.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the potential of quantum computing and the challenges to realize it.
  2. Understand qubits, quantum superposition, entanglement, parallelism, interference, and the basic operation of a quantum algorithm.
  3. Learn how to write and execute simple quantum code using IBM Q’s Composer tool.

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