Automate Your Tedious Tasks with Ansible Tower

Tuesday, December 10

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Geek School

Damien Eversmann
Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Ansible is a simple yet powerful IT automation engine for application deployment, configuration management, and orchestration that you can learn quickly. Ansible Tower will enable you to create playbooks, while building in security. Automation features will save time, empower junior staff, offload senior staff and automate your most tedious tasks!

In the first section of this hands-on tech lab, you will learn to use Ansible Engine for automation from the basics up to some more advanced concepts. The second section of this lab covers Tower and provide the user an overview of what Tower is, how it works and what the benefit of it is. After finishing this lab you are ready to start using Ansible for your automation requirements. (Laptop computers will be provided.)

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify how to instantly increase the scale and reach of automation via Ansible on the command line.
  2. Discover how to author Ansible playbooks to achieve repeatable automation of infrastructure, configuration, networking, security, compliance and applications.
  3. Learn how to leverage Ansible Tower to apply security, access controls and auditing to their playbooks as well and providing an easy user interface and scheduling tools for their execution.

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Steering Committee

Alex Hepp, City of Hopkins
Bill Bleckwehl, Cisco
Dave Andrews, DEED
Jay Wyant, Minnesota IT Services
Jim Hall, Ramsey County
Matt Bailey, IBM
Melissa Reeder, League of Minnesota Cities
Nathan Beran, City of New Ulm
Sue Wallace, IT Futures Foundation
Lisa Meredith, Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative
Justin Kaufman, Minnesota IT Services
Renee Heinbuch, Washington County/MNCITLA
Jerine Rosato, Ramsey County
David Berthiaume, Minnesota IT Services
Cory Tramm, Sourcewell Tech 

Content Committee

Tomas Alvarez, Federal Reserve
Tom Ammons, MN.IT – Central
Dave Andrews, MN State Services for the Blind
Susan Bousquet, MN.IT – DOT
Robert Granvin, Metro State
Alex Hepp, City of Hopkins
Shawntan Howell, Ramsey County
Jenny Johnson, Metropolitan Council
Millicent Kasal, MN.IT – Central
Ping Li, MN.IT – MMB
Chibuzor Nnaji, MN.IT – DHS
Mehrdad Shabestari, MN.IT – Central