Be Better

Right now, our society is going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We can’t afford to place our students in an unfortunate position by using outdated education methods.

In this breakout session, Michael Bonner will provide tips to help teachers increase the social-emotional environment for students, and tools and insights that will help leaders create a better environment for teachers and students.

The session will further discuss how behavior management from parents and schools can cause an increase in symptom intensity. Students who feel isolated and are in survival mode, need consistency, BUT foremost need connectivity to parent(s), teachers and their peers. It is through awareness, understanding, relationships, and new approaches that emotional stability & wellness can be achieved.

This session is built around the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study & findings by Kaiser Permanente and the CDC. This study states that children raised in constant exposure to chronic stress (abuse, neglect & household challenges) often lack attachment and emotional regulation capabilities similar to those who experience severe trauma.

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