Teachers and other educators in the K-12 environment work in close proximity to student data that is considered private and needs to be protected. In this session, Ryan Cloutier, Principal Security Architect, Sourcewell Technology, will review key concepts about data privacy that educators need to understand. Topics will include what data is considered private, what are the best practices for protecting it, how to safely share student data with colleagues, and what laws apply. This is important information for every educator. No one wants to be the person in the school who accidentally causes a data breach or inappropriately shares student information.

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Conference Advisors:

Angie Freese, Consultant – Playmakers, LLC

Bret Domstrand, Elementary Principal – Lakeville Area Public Schools

Brian Cashman, Coordinator, Alternative Programs – Goodhue County Education District

Chris Jensen, K-12 Account Manager – Tierney Bros. – Education Sales

Dave Blanchard, Curriculum Coordinator – Cambridge Isanti School District

Hope Langston, Director of Assessment – Northfield School District

Jennifer Dugan, Director, Statewide Testing – Minnesota Department of Ed

Jim Smith, K-12 Consulting – No Limits Learning

Lucus Bogle, IS Program Director – Robbinsdale School District

Will Remmert, Elementary Principal – New Prague Area Schools