Creating Cross-Sector Digital Equity & Inclusion Strategies: What, Why, Who & How

Fusion Learning Partners and HueLife

Digital equity refers to whether people can access and effectively use the technology necessary to participate in modern society. Digital inclusion is the work that needs to be done to make equity happen. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need to address this issue, and with it came new funding and initiatives, including federal ARP funds. Yet, there is very little in the way of coordinated strategies to effectively address equity and inclusion efforts in a comprehensive way. Without these strategies, we are in danger of addressing a complex, interconnected issue with disparate, patchwork solutions.

During this deep-dive, interactive workshop, you learn more about the issue and current efforts to address it from a series of moderated discussions with presenters representing the public, private and civic sectors as well as state policy makers. Then, in a facilitated, planning session you will have the opportunity to help surface and begin to co-design new and/or enhanced collaborative and comprehensive strategies to ensure all communities can access and utilize digital services.

Fusion Learning Partners and HueLife. This session was developed as partof the Minnesota Community Innovation League, an emerging network ofinnovative and collaborative leaders working towards cross-sector collaboration for equitable and just public service delivery.
Mon 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Government-as-a Service