Problem Hacking with Design Thinking and Power Platform (Microsoft Sponsored Session)

Doug Furney

The session is designed to help participants correctly identify and solve a business challenge by first defining it correctly and second by using modern software solutions to configure the solution. The session is broken in two parts: Ideation and Hacking. In the first half, we will use a set of fun, interactive exercises to ideate a list of potential problems. We will use a variety of Design Thinking methods including Difficulty and Important Matrix, Visualize the Vote and How Might We to create our list and choose a single solution to hack. In our second part, we will interactively start to hack the solution based on interactive audience participation and the requirements and values we identified during our Design Thinking. We will use Microsoft’s Power Platform to configure the solution live.

About Doug Furney: Doug has three decades of experience helping customers identify and solve business challenges through innovative and intuitive software solutions. Doug is a Technical Specialist at Microsoft and focuses on Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.
Wed 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm
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