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Committed to learning and innovation.

Fusion is a nonprofit organization committed to creating environments that promote learning and innovation for the public and civic sector, and the communities they serve. From planning and hosting conferences, offering professional development and credentialing programs, and providing “backbone” organizational support services, everything we do is focused on creating opportunities to connect, collaborate, and step into the future stronger – together.

Fusion Welcomes the Public Technology Institute (PTI)!

The Public Technology Institute (PTI) has joined Fusion Learning Partners as one of its core programs and services designed to support the public sector. PTI has been recognized as a thought leader when it comes to identifying trends and leading practices in the management and delivery of technology services.

Through research, the development of educational programming geared towards IT executives, and its affiliation with other national associations, PTI has developed a reputation for being a non-biased, technology/vendor resource recognized by CIOs, city and county managers, and elected leaders.

Why Fusion Learning Partners?

For 40+ years, we’ve served state, county, and local government, as well as public educators and nonprofit/civic organizations, with a legacy of creating learning environments that convene, connect and engage individuals, organizations, and the communities they serve.

We believe learning is the origin of change and transformation in our communities, and we believe learning never stops – it’s a lifelong endeavor that continues beyond the classrooms of our youth. Whether gathered through formal professional development experiences, collaborative initiatives, or informal conversations, acquiring skills and knowledge is ongoing and more powerful when we experience it together. It feeds our growth, inspires new thinking, and fuels innovation.

Our Programs & Events:

Fusion Support Services
Fusion Support Services
Fusion Support Services

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Educational Event Planning
Educational Event Planning


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