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A collection of high-impact services for local governments foclused on technology governance and cyber security.


IT Department Assessment

The IT Department for a local government has many responsibilities and services. We will assess your IT Department staffing, policies, processes, budget, structure, culture and overall governance. Our findings can be used to chart a course and justify funding to best align the IT Department with the needs of the local government.

AI Readiness

Artificial Intelligence tools have burst onto the scene and present tremendous opportunities, and risks, for local governments. Our assessment will review the parts of the organization that will impact your use of AI, and our recommendations will prepare you to make best use of this technology now and into the future.

AI Enablement

Are you ready to take the next step with Artificial Intelligence? Our experts can develop policies and guidelines for you that fit your organizational culture. We will proactively identify parts of your organization that can immediately benefit from affordable and safe AI tools.

Technology Modernization Planning

Technology debt is a lot like financial debt. It can overwhelm an organization if it is not planned for. Let our experts review your technology assets, both for the enterprise and for your customer departments, and develop a tailored long-term Technology Modernization plan. Your plan will be developed in consultation with your IT leaders, finance officers, and local government leadership so that there are no surprises when the plan is adopted!

Technology Procurement Support

It has never been more challenging to procure technology. Information security, service level commitments, data sovereignty and cloud technologies are just a few of the areas that local governments need to be very careful with, or risk long-term expenses and non-compliance. Our experts can guide any or all of the procurement phases for your technology, from solicitation creation to proposal review and negotiation to contract signing, and ensure your organization gets the best deal and the best long-term solution.

Cloud & SaaS Assessment

The pressure felt by local government IT to adopt cloud technologies has been intense! The solutions have matured, your needs have emerged, and funding is still an issue. We can help justify and rationalize your cloud strategy and develop a new strategy for you that meets your current needs.

IT Project / Program Review

Technology projects can be complex beasts and prone to difficulties. Validating the structure, governance and culture of a technology project can save many thousands of dollars and drastically increase the chance for an on-time, on-budget project delivery that meets the needs of the organization. Our experts can assess your technology project and recommend course corrections from any point within the project lifecycle using a tried-and-true Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) process.

Technology Strategic Planning

Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying “If you don’t know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere”. There are so many technology roads now! And all the roads are expensive ones. Your technology strategic plan is the key to knowing which roads to take, and when. Our experts can develop a technology strategic plan for your organization that will justify funding, align to the business goals and ensure the organization’s technology needs support the customer departments.


Tabletop Exercise

It is 9PM on a Friday of a holiday weekend and you have a cyber security incident that has taken your local government offline. What do you do now? How prepared are you? Do you have the resources you need? Let our experts guide you through a tabletop exercise to help you prepare for the worst day of your professional life.

Information Security Strategy and Planning

Information Security has become a complex effort requiring a strategic approach.  We can help your company create an information security strategy and a plan for successful implementation.  The plan can help you identify your needs for Prevention, Protection, and Detection & Response.  We will work with you to create a plan that is proactive, clear, and aligned to your business goals.

Policy Review and Development

The foundation of your information security program is a set of security policies that fit your organization’s needs.  They are the drivers of security activities that are necessary to protect your organization’s critical systems and information.  Strong security policies also provide a fundamental component of any compliance program.   We will help you develop the security policies you need from scratch that make sense for your organization, or review and update your existing policies.

Security Program Assessments

Whether you need to start an information security program from scratch, or you would like to make sure the program you have is working on the right things, our experts can help develop or improve a program that will work for your organization.  We can help you to align your program to well-known security framework, such as NIST, to ensure that your security activities follow best practices and provide you with a common frame of reference to view your program.

IT Risk Assessments

A risk-based IT security program helps your organization identify and prioritize the threats and risks specific to your technology.  We will review and assess the IT risks inherent in your organization and help develop a plan to mitigate or remediate risks based on your specific risk appetite

IT Risk Assessments

A risk-based IT security program helps your organization identify and prioritize the threats and risks specific to your technology.  We will review and assess the IT risks inherent in your organization and help develop a plan to mitigate or remediate risks based on your specific risk appetite

Web Application Testing

All local governments are expected to deliver services directly to residents. Applications that do this on the internet represent a significant risk to the organization due to the sophistication of the hackers. Our web application security expert will use the same tools the hackers us, and more, to find all the risks and vulnerabilities in your web applications. Service can be performed on vendor applications, internal applications and custom developed applications.

Disaster and Continuity Planning

It is inevitable. All local governments will at some point suffer a disaster and be required to continue to deliver services. Being able to weather the literal or figurative storm means being prepared with a disaster response plan and a continuity plan. Our experts can tailor plans using Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines for either your IT organization or for your entire organization to help you be prepared.

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