CGCIO™ Graduates

Learning and growth is something that never ends. Addressing the ever-changing technology landscape, PTI approaches learning and growth as something that never ends. For CGCIO graduates, understanding the challenges they face, this is especially true. With that in mind, we have developed programming geared to their ongoing growth and development as leaders, to include communications with students regarding resources and trends in leadership development.

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Master Class

Graduates are invited to participate in a one-day Master Class, offered in-person and virtually, where graduates and current faculty lead discussions on issues that are impacting local government IT organizations as well as personal and professional leadership growth.


Certification is granted for a period of three years from the date of graduation. Graduates are expected to be recertified every three years by participating in a variety of activities, including, but not limited to, participating in education events – such as attending webinars, national and state professional conferences – writing articles, mentoring staff, etc.

Do I have to be a CIO to enroll?

Approximately one-third of the students who participate in each class are currently CIOs. The other two-thirds are typically deputy CIOs or mid- to high-level IT professionals.

Your Experience Makes this Program Stronger!

What sets this program apart from the typical continuing education program? One of the unique aspects of this PTI – Rutgers University program is that the instructors treat the class as a cohort group of individuals who are willing and eager to share their experiences and insight with each other. The program instructors encourage and the students value the conversation and dialogue that takes place during the full-day and monthly classes.

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