By Brian Jackson

Engage cross-functional leadership to seize opportunity while protecting the organization from volatility.

CIOs are facing these challenges in 2023:

  • Trying to understand the implications of external trends.
  • Determining what capabilities are most important to support the organization.
  • Understanding how to help the organization pursue new opportunities.
  • Preparing to mitigate new sources of organizational risk.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • While functional leaders may only see their next move, as head of the organization with a complete view of all the pieces, the CIO has full context awareness. It’s up to them to assess their gaps, consider the present scenario, and then make their next move.
  • Each priority carries new opportunities for organizations that pursue them.
  • There are also different risks to mitigate as each priority is explored.

Impact and Result

  • Inform your IT strategy for the year ahead.
  • Identify which capabilities you need to improve.
  • Add initiatives that support your priorities to your roadmap.

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