Are you ready for AI?

Business leaders must manage the associated risks as they scale their use of AI

In recent years, following technological breakthroughs and advances in development of machine learning (ML) models and management of large volumes of data, organizations are scaling their use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The use of AI and ML has gained momentum as organizations evaluate the potential applications of AI to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiencies, and automate business processes.

Growing applications of AI have reinforced concerns about ethical, fair, and responsible use of the technology that assists or replaces human decision-making.

Implementing AI systems requires careful management of the AI lifecycle, governing data, and machine learning model to prevent unintentional outcomes not only to an organization’s brand reputation but, more importantly, to workers, individuals, and society. When adopting AI, it is important to have strong ethical and risk management frameworks surrounding its use.

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