The superhero stories and movies we are familiar with have two things in common: a world steeped in chaos and fear, and somebody with superpowers who shows up to save the day. For the last several months, the real world looks and feels like the settings in those stories – scary and out of control.

First, like an unseen monster, a new coronavirus swept across our communities separating us from family, friends, co-workers and colleagues. And just when we were beginning to find ways to tame this beast, the old and powerful villain of racism used its systemic and institutionalized power to murder a man in broad daylight, blatantly showing us the pain and suffering it has been inflicting for generations. In very different ways, both of these enemies create fear, which in turn creates division, which creates more fear, and so the vicious cycle continues.

Like the people in the comic book stories, it’s natural to look to someone to stop the chaos and make the world a better, safer and more just place – someone with a superpower to combat our monsters. But the reality is we are the ones, collectively, that hold that power.

The superpower we have exists in our willingness to make it a priority and find ways to continue to convene, connect and create community, in spite of the forced separation caused by a global pandemic and our historical, self-imposed racial, economic, political and organizational barriers.

E Pluribus Unum – this is our collective superpower. Now is the time for all of us to find the courage to:

  • engage in difficult conversations;
  • listen and be informed with facts and perspectives different than our own;
  • be inspired by people of different backgrounds and experiences;
  • cultivate new relationships and partnerships; and
  • collaborate across self-imposed social and organizational divides

It is only by responding collectively to our common threats that we will be able to face our fears, and not only survive these assaults against humanity, but thrive as an inter-connected, equitable and just society. With a mission to serve the greater good by convening, connecting and engaging people and organizations so that they can discover innovative solutions to complex social problems, GTS Educational Events is ready to join and support a league of real superheroes.