I admit it – I love a word that can be used in a variety of ways and yet retain its essential essence. Fusion is one of those words. It’s used in science, medicine, technology, the culinary arts, visual arts, music, you name it. And yet the basic definition remains the same – fusion is the process or result of joining two or more things together.

As humans we are drawn to fusing things together to make something new – there are examples of fusion all around us. In fact, biologically speaking, each of us is the product of fusion. Indeed it’s the process that’s at the root of creation, transformation and evolution. But fusion isn’t just about joining “things” together – it’s also a process of bringing ideas, knowledge and people together to create, transform and evolve.

And that’s exactly why I love Fusion Learning Partners as the new name for our organization – an organization whose purpose is to connect and convene people and organizations so they can discover innovative solutions to complex problems. An organization, that since 1976, has believed in the power of bringing people together to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and relationships needed to make positive change.

As Fusion Learning Partners, we are honoring the legacy of GTS Educational Events, and its predecessor Government Training Services. In fact, we are fusing the strength and wisdom of that past with the current realities of the present and the exciting opportunities of the future. We remain as passionate as ever about serving the government and civic sectors with educational events and other professional learning opportunities. But we also recognize that learning, convening and connecting happen in many different ways and settings, particularly in today’s environment. Not only are we excited to offer new services and programs in response, we are also shifting our focus to support innovation and the best use of technology to drive change.

This transformation of our 45 year-old organization was not taken lightly, and it did not happen overnight. It is the result of nearly three years of conversation, surveying and interviewing stakeholders and constituents, a year of strategic planning and the expert support of the team at Orange Ball Creative.  And yes, our new name and brand identity is the result of fusing all of those conversations, ideas and things together to create something new . . . and give new meaning to what we do.

– Mary Wynne, Executive Director, Fusion Learning Partners