Barry CondreyFusion Welcomes Barry Condrey

Fusion Learning Partners is excited to announce that Barry Condrey has joined Fusion Learning Partners as PTI’s Director of Technology Services. Barry has joined Fusion Learning Partners from Chesterfield County, VA, as their Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the past 17 years.
Barry joined Fusion Learning Partners {date}, bringing a wealth of experience and a track record of success as a CIO. He has a strong IT background, over 40 years of experience, and holds a wide range of technology leadership positions in the public and private sectors. Barry holds advanced degrees in public leadership, economics, and computer science, in addition to certifications in CIO leadership and cyber security. Barry has been an adjunct faculty member for Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently an adjunct faculty member for the Public Technology Institute in the certified government CIO program.

About Fusion Learning Partners
Fusion Learning Partners is a nonprofit organization committed to fostering environments that promote learning and innovation for individuals, organizations, and the communities they serve. From conferences and convenings to supporting collaborative initiatives and organizations, Fusion’s mission is to strengthen and transform the communities where we work, live, and thrive through Professional Learning Programs, Event Planning & Management, and Organizational Support Services.

About Public Technology Institute (PTI)
The Public Technology Institute (PTI) has earned widespread recognition as a leading authority in identifying trends and best practices in the management and delivery of technology services. Through its research, development of educational programming for IT executives, and affiliations with other national associations, PTI has established itself as a non-biased, technology/vendor resource trusted and respected by CIOs, city and county managers, and elected leaders.