Jerry is a finalist for the 2021 Golden GOVIT Awards in the Individual Leader category. He was nominated by Mike Sable. 

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated transitioning many City services to digital channels. This transition has been made possible through three concerted City Roadmap initiatives: Powered by People, Drive to Digital, and SJ311 + Service Delivery. Combined, these initiatives have moved City’s digital services strategy forward in a way that is centered around the needs of our residents and diverse communities and empowers City employees to best serve our customers.

While the City achieved recent successes through these initiatives including business process automation, machine learning language translation and the addition of Garbage and Recycling Service to San José 311, those efforts were multiple years in the making. Scaling the City to rapid expansion of digital service delivery will require continued efforts and investments to:
1. Provide employees with the tools and skillsets to serve residents in new ways;
2. Provide process reengineering of existing service delivery models; and
3. Automate service delivery for our residents.

The Drive to Digital initiative is focused on aligning internal digital strategies, policies, technologies, and teams so that they are best positioned to support the broader digital services strategy to better meet the needs of San José residents. In partnership with the Powered by People initiative, the City’s Drive to Digital roadmap priority produced significant progress:

The San José 311 (SJ311) and Service Delivery initiative incorporates an omni-channel approach to digital services that provides a consistent, personalized experience for customers across all devices and channels — website, web portals, online forms, chatbot, virtual agent, contact center, and mobile app. SJ311 moves San José beyond the simple push of information via the website and social media channels traditional in local government. Indeed, the SJ311 + Service Delivery roadmap showed significant progress in areas that help residents in specific ways:

The City’s efforts to improve usability, increase functionality, and to increase engagement for and awareness of San José 311is having positive impact on performance metrics. Beginning July 30, 2017, when the SJ311 mobile app and web portal were launched, the number of reports stalled at around 165,000 annually from 39,000 active users. Reports for the last 12 months are now exceeding 205,000 from nearly 42,500 active users. In addition, the City is beginning to see customer satisfaction ratings improve significantly – in 2021, 68% of SJ311 users reported a “Good” to “Excellent” experience – a marked increase from only 28% of users reporting a “Good” to “Excellent” experience in the previous year. Similar to increased SJ 311 reports and usage, the City website saw a 22% increase in total page visits (5.8 Million) and a 24% increase in page views (15 Million) in 2020. Mobile traffic comprised an average of 42% of all visits. The City Emergency Notification pages received over 500,000 total page visits with over 80,000-page visits combined to the Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese translated Emergency Notification pages. Over 1.7 Million Flash Report emails were sent out. The emails averaged a 45% open rate which is 20% higher than the government industry standard email open rate. The pilot program of the Resident Assistant chatbot was used over 46,000 times in 2020 with an average answer success rate of 82%.