We sat down with Mike Sable, Fusion Learning Partners Board Chair, to ask him about our new name and refreshed brand identity, and what role he envisions the board will take in 2021.

How do you see the new brand helping to support the work of the organization and the new strategic plan?

The new brand supports our Strategic Plan and our shift in focus on technology and inspiring innovation for the greater good. Let’s face it, the world needs a renewed focus on the collective impact we can make on the good of all.

We’ve been known as GTS Educational Events and primarily been known for our work on the Government IT Symposium, bringing together state and local government leaders and technology partners for 39 years. It’s the longest-running local government IT Symposium in the country. But we’re more than that, and our new brand cements our new approach. We’re also a trusted partner helping organizations convene, connect, and engage their stakeholders. Those aren’t buzzwords – it’s the hard work needed to bring about change.

What sets us apart is that we help our partners discover solutions. The world is full of people with great ideas to innovatively solve complex problems; but too often, there’s a gap in collaborating effectively. Fusion Learning Partners serves as a catalyst for that connection, that learning, and those innovations.

Our own organizational evolution has led us to this point where we’re fueling innovation for others — it’s about time our name reflects the work we do on behalf of our clients.

What are you and the board looking forward to from the organization in 2021?

The board is excited to live out our mission to serve the public and civic sectors with events, programs, and services that inspire innovation for the greater good.

There is a genuine thirst for connection in the world today. Fusion Learning Partners stands ready to foster those connections by creating learning opportunities and events for our partners.

I’m eager for the organization to lead the way in helping civic-minded groups collaborate on the big issues of the day. Complex problems, often called “Wicked Problems” are daunting. However, sitting idly by isn’t an option anymore. New partners will emerge looking for a trusted guide to help them on their own innovation and discovery effort, and Fusion Learning Partners will be there each step of the way.

Having Fusion Learning Partners as the convening source strengthens our organization, our partners, and the communities we serve.

What role will the board play?

The board members are ready to step up and use our collective experience to bring more groups together. We have a legacy of 40+ years in creating learning environments for people to connect and engage. That has not and will not change. What’s different, I think, is the diversity of experiences on our board – Finance, Technology, Education, Higher Education, Nonprofit, Business, and Government, which serves as a model for others and shows the value of partnering with our clients.

We’re a living, breathing example of how bringing together individuals committed to collaboration, growth, and innovation can bring about change.

I also see the board playing a more prominent role in expanding the Government IT Symposium. Growing our strategic partnerships in the area of technology requires a committed and active board and we’re ready to take on that role.

Lastly, I see the Board supporting the amazing team at Fusion Learning Partners. Mary Wynne and her team have been incredibly nimble in a tumultuous 2020. Every sector faced significant challenges in 2020. However, we’ve emerged stronger and better equipped to meet the moment 2021 demands. The board is ready to champion the team and set a new trajectory for Fusion Learning Partners.