This project is a finalist for the 2021 Golden GOVIT Awards in the Innovation category. This project was completed by Hennepin County and nominated by Sarah McNulty. 

In August, the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners approved requiring employees to attest to their vaccination status and show proof of vaccination for Covid-19, or comply with regular mandatory testing and other alternative infection control measures. This decision was based on public health guidance, as vaccines are the most effect tool, and surest way to end the Covid-19 pandemic. Requiring employees to get vaccinated helps protect the health of our staff, especially those who continue to work directly with our clients, residents and visitors.

Upon hearing the vaccination attestation requirements, Human Resources immediately contacted IT to begin building the tool that would track status and ensure privacy. IT quickly created a webform and a FileNet case management application to help track vaccination status. These tools are intended to track the vaccination status of more than 13,000 employees, paid interns, unpaid interns, and volunteers.

County Administration emailed staff asking them to attest to their vaccination status by linking to the vaccine tracking tool. Upon clicking the link, staff are directed to a webform to verify their employment status, enter their employee ID, and attest to their status. Completing this form is step one.

The final step is proving status with department vaccination contacts. These contacts work with staff to prove their status, which ensures no sensitive data is entered on the form to protect employee information.

Department vaccination contacts have a view that acts as a work queue to view new form submissions and alert them to begin their process. Contacts can only see forms submitted for their departments – another step in protecting employee information.
IT created dashboards for county leaders to track testing compliance and employee attestation. This data is used to guide communication to staff and project work.

Creating the tool
Teams in IT’s Enterprise Development Division worked closely with internal IT partners and partners throughout the county to create the vaccination tracking tool. The FileNet team was the primary team working with Human Resources to understand their business needs. They created the workflows between systems and views – including the view for vaccination contacts.
The front-end view of the tool was created by the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) team. Collaborating with this team allowed the tool to connect to the county’s payroll system, ensuring data would be correctly routed to the vaccination contacts based on an employee’s ID number. The FileNet Administration team assisted in deploying the tool and upgrades. Often, this team worked after hours to help support the effort. These teams started working on the tool on August 20. Less than 3 weeks later, the first production release was implemented the evening of September 7. This was possible because of the close partnerships and the dedication from HR partners to share information quickly.

Continuous improvement efforts
The goal for this tool was to implement a viable product that met the minimum requirements ASAP. The county continues to learn information about Covid-19, and the team is ready to make changes to the tool as information becomes available.