This blog is a repost from State Tech Magazine Written by Michael Hickey

The Public Technology Institute, a leader in government technology training and professional development, is looking at changes, both internal and across government IT, following the announcement of a new partnership and the release of its annual survey.

In May, PTI released the findings of its 2023 State of City and County IT National Survey, detailing the management and priority issues impacting local government IT. Then, in June, PTI announced it was joining Fusion Learning Partners, a nonprofit organization that works to drive positive community change through learning programs and services. After ending its partnership with CompTIA, PTI searched for the right organization to lend its services to. Fusion accepted its entire portfolio of assets, including its research and programs, according to PTI Executive Director Alan Shark.

“We arrived at Fusion for a couple of reasons,” Shark says. “They’ve been in the government training space for some 40 years. We also wanted a nonprofit because that’s where our goals are most closely aligned. Our scale and values are also the same. And they’re trying to develop more of a national footprint, which we have.”

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