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When tech giants can’t agree and best practices change by the minute, forge your own path to your next normal.

Hybrid work is here, but there is no consensus among industry leaders on how to do it right. IT faces the dual challenge of supporting its own employees while enabling the success of the broader organization. In the absence of a single best practice to adopt, how can IT departments make the right decisions when it comes to the new world of hybrid?

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Don’t make the mistake of emulating the tech giants, unless they are your direct competition. Instead, look to organizations that have walked your path in terms of scope, organizational goals, industry, and organizational structure. Remember, your competitors are not just those who compete for the same customers but also those who compete for your employees.
  • Hybrid and remote teams require more attention, connection, and leadership from managers. The shift from doing the day-to-day to effectively leading is critical for the success of nontraditional work models. As hybrid and remote work become engrained in society, organizations must ensure that the concept of the “working manager” is as obsolete as the rotary telephone.

Impact and Result

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  • What other IT organizations are doing in the new hybrid world.
  • How hybrid has impacted infrastructure, operations, and business relations.
  • How to succeed at building a highly effective hybrid team.
  • How Info-Tech can help you make hybrid an asset for your IT department.

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