Ask an Expert About Website Accessibility

Jay Wyant, Emily Lu, Colette Johnson & Becky Bernauer

Got a burning question on web accessibility? Are you wondering if Bootstrap will take care of everything for you or if you can solve everything with ARIA? Wondering why a link shouldn’t look like a button and why it matters? Don’t know how to use WAVE, Axe, or ANDI to test your product? Get answers to your questions at Tuesday morning’s “Ask the Expert” session!

Presenters: Emily Lu, Senior Web Coordinator, Office of Communications and Public Engagement ,Minnesota Department of Transportation Colette Johnson, Tridion/Drupal Development MNIT Enterprise, Project Manager/Portfolio Manager Becky Bernauer, Digital Accessibility and Web Coordinator, Minnesota IT Services Partnering with Minnesota Department of Health
Tue 10:30 am - 11:00 am
Informal Programming