Cloud Email and Collaboration Vulnerabilities

Michael Hansen

Cloud Email and Collaboration tool has quickly become the go-to applications for remote work, accelerating dramatically in usage over the last year. Millions of users turned to Cloud Email and Collaboration Tools to help keep businesses going since the start of the pandemic —and hackers have noticed. As these tools are still relatively new, much is unknown about how it operates and how hackers will approach it. While the increased usage has been well-documented, what’s not been documented is whether the app is vulnerable to hacking. We will talk about discoveries that have already been made, potential risks that we see in the future, and how to best secure this relatively new communication vector. This session will walk attendees through: The many inherent vulnerabilities in the platforms. The popular attack types. How hackers act differently within Teams than they do on email.

Wed 11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Security, Risk Management & Data Privacy