Driving Positive Public Safety and Justice Outcome – The Microsoft Approach (Sponsored Session)

Kirk Lonbom, David Williams & Amar Patel

Police, fire, emergency medical services and social service personnel must work together to best protect our communities, and technology is making that happen. Those who are involved in the criminal justice system deserve fair and equitable    justice. Access to criminal justice and the judicial process must be provided in a consistent and transparent manner. The pandemic has shown us that we are capable of rapidly adjusting our approach and has forever changed the way the courts work. What was initially an emergency has now given way to a deliberate path toward citizen-centric, efficient, secure, and remote justice. During this panel presentation, we will cover Microsoft’s overall approach to public safety and justice, and provide examples of how Minnesota state, county and city information technology professionals can use the tools they own to drive improvement of public safety and justice outcomes.

About Kirk Lonbom: Kirk is Director of Public Safety and Justice Strategy at Microsoft, Kirk establishes and drives Microsoft’s strategy to best serve the public safety and justice mission for state and local government in the U.S. In this role, Kirk works with public safety and justice executives, practitioners, and information technology professionals to ensure Microsoft’s technology, services and partner eco-system address the most critical needs of the entire public safety and justice community.
Wed 11:15 am - 12:15 pm
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