Effective Dashboard Visual Presentations for Maximum Impact

Michael Krouze, CTO

Dashboarding tools place incredible power in the hands of the business users to create dashboards. This working session will include a demonstration on how to model & present data for maximum impact & comprehension to internal & external users. Explore how agencies can transcend the typical duplication of excel spreadsheets through this new class of tools and take advantage of some of the unique abilities that can bring together disparate data elements into rich visualizations that deliver true insights.

About Michael Krouze: Michael is Charter Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer. He brings to Charter Solutions a broad and deep knowledge of the IT arena from both a technology and business perspective. He is an innovative thinker adept at planning & initiating change, a superb strategist with a solid combination of business & technical acumen, and a hands-on leader skilled in balancing user requirements, corporate objectives, and technology capabilities. Michael has a proven track record in the definition & leadership of IT initiatives for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups and non-profits.
Tue 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm
Government-as-a Service