Managing a Thriving Hybrid Team

Dr. Janel Anderson, Founder, Working Conversations, LLC

The pandemic has forever changed how we work. There are now more options to consider, more complexities, and more ambiguity as we navigate supervising employees. As some staff go back to the office full-time, some remain working from home full-time, and many whose work assignments will cross over the two environments, one thing remains certain: you need an engaged and motivated workforce. This session offers techniques to help you transition into a hybrid environment that will set you and your team members up for success. Whatever the exact circumstances may be in your department or agency, you will leave this session better prepared to lead your team in these unprecedented times.

About Janel Anderson: Dr. Janel Anderson is the founder of Working Conversations, LLC, a keynote speaker, author and trainer. Her company helps organizations focus on creating clear & transparent communication and an extraordinary culture. Part professor, part coach, part comedian, she offers practical strategies that can be implemented immediately, while making the audience laugh while they learn. Her client base spans technology, medical, and government sectors, with state government making up the largest sector.
Wed 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm
Workforce & Professional Development