NIST Zero Trust - Understanding and Navigating NIST Zero Trust Under the Current Threat Landscape

Chip Wagner

This session will discuss NIST Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Guidelines and review the pros & cons of the 3 ZTA methodologies discussed in the NIST Guidelines. We will discuss, from an agnostic point-of-view, the most efficient Zero Trust controls; examine both the technology & business impact of ZTA in the era of remote workforce; multi-cloud; review recent security breaches; discuss lessons learned from current Cyber Trends; explain how Zero Trust controls provide a strong defense against breaches; and recommendations for evaluating ZTA initiatives within your organization.

About Chip Wagner: Chip has years of industry experience in security. He has done everything from incident response to deputy CISO. He's spent the last several years helping the largest organizations (public & private) secure their enterprise.
Tue 11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Security, Risk Management & Data Privacy