Product Ownership, Delivery Teams and the Product Roadmap

Jeremy Mann

The contemporary roadmap is designed around the evolution of a product based on prioritized initiatives. Product owners are often charged with conceptualizing the product roadmap for leadership communication and a stabilized delivery of value over time. This session will discuss the product ownership role & interactions on a team and will clarify the use of a roadmap as a central artifact for product communications.

About Jeremy Mann: Jeremy is passionate in the business analyst community and has been a practitioner in software development, retail, ecommerce, supply chain, healthcare, marketing, law and manufacturing business domains. He is an active coach & team leader within projects and actively promotes transformative business practices in an ever-changing industry landscape. As a consultant, he works with LogiSolve, LLC promoting agility and BA capabilities and has been an active presenter as a CBAP in the BA community.
Wed 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm
Products or Processes