Welcome & Keynote Featuring George Hawkins

George Hawkins

Public sector agencies are often known to be “conservative” -not in a political sense, but in an unwillingness to take risks and innovate. These agencies, conventional wisdom suggests, are hampered by rigid bureaucracies that are hostile to changing layers of standard procedures. George Hawkins, who transformed the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority into DC Water – from an organization resistant to change into an innovative powerhouse – believes that a resistance to change is almost always rooted in understandable principles and practices. He will suggest a simple and practical seven step process to encourage innovation that is founded on understanding the values of an organization, and using them as a motivator for change within a secure process and structure. George will lace his presentation with entertaining stories designed to illustrate key points.

About George Hawkins: George launched his innovation-focused enterprises Moonshot Missions after stepping down as CEO of DC Water, where he served for eleven years. George helps agencies identify and adopt strategies to deliver better service and lower cost.
Wed 9:15 am - 10:15 am
General Session