By Joe Sheeran, Fusion Learning Partners Board Member

The pandemic’s early isolation starved this extrovert of human contact so much that I was signing up almost daily for the virtual professional development/training sessions flooding my inbox.

After a few events, I realized the proliferation of inexpensive video meeting platforms — not a sudden increase in quality training — was behind the deluge of E-blasts assuring improvement in “insert skillset here.”

If you were sucked in, you know most sessions only covered the basics any mid-career professional should know, or something any respectable manager will teach young workers. Most only tried to sell a software product or get their current customers to upgrade.

Since then, I spend a few minutes every morning “unsubscribing” to the prior day’s solicitations. It was a good reminder that you usually get what you pay for – and quality training comes through subject matter expertise, presentation experience and valuing your audiences’ time.

That’s why I’m proud to sit on Fusion Learning Partners’ Board of Directors. Fusion is a nonprofit organization committed to creating environments that promote learning for the individuals, organizations, and the communities they serve. They have built a reputation for quality events, excellent professional development opportunities, and an understanding of metrics on how to evaluate content. One of Fusion’s premier events is the Government IT Symposium, celebrating 40 years – making it one of the longest-running & largest government IT events in the nation.

In looking though this year’s agenda for the Government IT Symposium, I’ve been happily reassured the event offers development opportunities for professionals at all levels of their career. I appreciate the mix of public, private and nonprofit presenters. As always, there are several big names who likely aren’t making other presentation to a Minnesota audience.

When it comes to forwarding emails promoting the Government IT Symposium, I’ve been judicious, because I know the investment is well worth it.

Join me in attending. Find out more about the 2021 Government IT Symposium and register today!