Whether your organization has plenty of funds set aside for professional development opportunities or not, it can still be a difficult ask. It may come with an over complicated process of forms and layers of approval, or it could be as simple as asking your supervisor. In either case, you should not be afraid to ask, but be prepared when you do.

Here are seven tips to help you with your ask:

Ask Your Co-Workers – Find out from others in your organization if there are any recommended trainings or events that have been approved in the past. Ask for advice from others who have received funding. Communicate With Your Supervisor – Send an email outlining the opportunity you want to attend – Title, Date(s), Location, Cost(s), Registration Deadline, and Anticipated Benefits it will bring to you and/or your team. Follow-up in advance of any registration discounts and ask to speak in person if need be. Outline The Benefits – Research the speakers and sessions so you can explain how the training will directly benefit you, your team and/or your organization. Showcase What You Learn – Prepare a presentation to give to your office that covers key takeaways from the training. Attend Events With Specific Takeaways – Know what you will gain from the event, such as: continuing education credits, templates, products to explore, or even new connections. Know How Your Work Will Be Covered – Be prepared to defend how your work will be handled if the event is during work hours – whether that be working during the event, after hours, or getting a teammate to cover you. Look For Alternative Options – Research if there are similar opportunities for free or less cost. If the event requires travel, see if you can find a virtual event offering similar content.

Are you Involved in Government IT?

If you are in the Government IT sector and are seeking professional development opportunities – check out the 2021 Government IT Symposium. Celebrating 40 years, the Government IT Symposium is one of the longest running & largest government IT events in the nation. We know that government technology is no longer strictly technology-focused but incorporates a broader set of skills. The Government IT Symposium is designed to support your individual and organizational evolution – helping to position you and your agency to deliver on heightened expectations from citizens and policymakers. Join your fellow colleagues for engaging and innovative content that is bound to help you discover new strategies and tactics that Elevate Your Game!