We know that being a sponsor and/or exhibitor at a virtual event can feel, at times, challenging. However, with a little extra effort and work up-front, you will see greater returns in the end. Below are ten tips to help you have a more successful experience at your next virtual event:

  • Bring more attendees to the event by promoting it to your network and customer base. If possible, offer discounts to attend the event or other kinds of incentives. The more people at the event, the more successful you are likely to be.
  • If the event organizer provides a pre-event registration list, use this to your advantage by locating current and potential customers. Introduce your company and team before the event and set up meetings before the event even begins.
  • Most virtual platforms offer a directory of registered attendees. Review the directory throughout the event to find new prospects, chat with current customers, and set appointments during or after the event.
  • Be an active participant in the event by attending sessions and participating in other elements of the virtual conference, if allowed by the event organizer. This is a great way to see what topics people are interested in and to be visible throughout the event.
  • Build an appealing and informative booth.
    • Write a short, but informative introduction about your organization.
    • Gather and post platform recommended images, videos, and resources (sales sheets, marketing materials, case studies, etc).
    • Share links to your social media accounts and any online store products, if applicable.
    • Display contact information for key representatives from your team.
  • Create brief, personalized greetings when interacting with connections and visitors.
  • Take advantage of gamification or contests, if available, use them to drive attendees to your booth. (example: Winners receive consultation or discounted services by subscribing to a newsletter or email list within a certain period of time.)
  • Think strategically about company representatives attending the event, they may be different from the ones you send to an in-person event – make sure they are strong digital communicators and comfortable with technology.
  • Respond to messages and connection requests quickly using a more subtle approach, without being pushy or “sales-y”.
  • Follow-up with attendees’ post-conference, connect using a memorable moment or relatable, key take-away.

And, if you are in the government IT service industry, check out sponsor/exhibitor opportunities for our upcoming event – the 2021 Government IT Symposium.  Celebrating 40 years, the Government IT Symposium is one of the longest running & largest government IT events in the nation and you won’t want to miss it! To learn more and discuss the best opportunities for you, contact Christopher Kohn, ckohn@fusionlp.org or 952.885.7602.