This project is a finalist for the 2021 Golden GOVIT Awards in the Collaboration category. This project was completed by the State of Minnesota and was nominated by Karen Britton. 

The Senior LinkAge Line was using a custom built 20 year old system that was difficult to maintain and expensive. The new system is Microsoft Dynamics. The Disability Hub has used this platform for some time and collaborated with us to learn best practices but more importantly combine resources to reduce instances in the system for sharing a Microsoft GCC tenant, Azure Active Directory, Dynamics CRM and Azure Services. The 2 teams also share a phone system and are in the process of working together to develop a system to better serve people who use services from the Senior LinkAge Line and the Disability Hub. This will also increase our ability to respond in the event of an emergency by utilizing the two different call centers by covering for outages or increased volume.

Senior Linkage Line Contributors: 

  • Karen Britton
  • Denise Artley
  • Jenny Alm
  • Katherine DuGarm
  • David Wallace

Disability Hub Contributors: 

  • Andrea Werlinger
  • Mary Chilvers
  • James Johnson
  • Linda Moua