Project Stakeholders: Dealing with Sleeping Giants to Saboteurs

Joe Perzel, Program Manager

All projects have their promoters and their detractors, people that can either make or break your project or your team. This presentation will give you practical advice on who you need to focus on, show you how to classify where each person sits on the “Interest, Attitude, and Power” axis of your Stakeholder chart and how to improve the attitude and interest of the power players in your world. Through exercises and situational case studies we will cover: What the Stakeholder Identification chart is and how it will help you., Use of personality profiling to help understand what makes people “tick” and where to place them on the chart., Techniques and tools to help move people from “disinterested to involved” and “poor attitude to a champion”., Key tactics of “Include, Influence, Ignore, Isolate”.

About Joe Perzel: Joe has been leading projects of all sizes and managing staffs since 1982 in both a corporate and vendor capacity. He has a background in multiple industries such as healthcare, insurance, finance, government, manufacturing, non-profit and education. Presently Joe is President, JPerzel Inc. and a Program Manager at Surescripts LLC. Previously he has held leadership positions at Cargill, Thomson Reuters, MN Workers Compensation Bureau and International Multifoods.
Mon 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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