MN DOT – Transforming Inspections (Collins/Bentley/Microsoft)

Barritt Lovelace, P.E. & Jennifer L. Wells, P.E.

Bridge Inspections come with inherent challenges in terms of safety, costs, and impact to the traveling public. With advancements in technologies, such as UAS, Reality Modeling, Mixed Reality, and AI & Machine Learning there is a significant opportunity for Bridge Owners to drastically improve the Maintenance & Operations of Bridges through the use of Digital Twins. A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical asset, process or system, which allows us to understand and model its performance. In this presentation, we will highlight the process of acquiring a digital twin based on a high-fidelity reality model, connecting the model with its condition and maintenance data to augment the digital twin, and then using Mixed Reality technology to conduct remote inspections. We believe this process can greatly increase the quality of inspections while minimizing safety risks and reducing overall costs. Furthermore, the increase in the quality of data collected can greatly improve rehab/replace decisions, which can have significant cost savings for Bridge Operators and the public. Case studies from Minnesota DOT and Collins Engineers will be presented to illustrate the application of Digital Twins for bridge inspections and maintenance, and we will also explore opportunities on connecting Operations with Design to support the entire lifecycle of Bridges.

About Barritt Lovelace: Barritt is a licensed professional engineer and has over 25 years of bridge design and inspection experience. He has designed over 50 bridges and has performed over 3,000 bridge inspections. He is a certified diver, rope access technician, non-destructive testing technician, UAS Pilot and NHI Instructor. Barritt currently serves as the Director of UAS, Artificial Intelligence and Reality Modeling for Collins Engineers, Inc. About Jennifer Wells: Jennifer is the State Bridge Inspection Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation – Bridge Office has been an engineer with MnDOT for the past 20 years, the last 15 in fracture critical bridge inspection and 5 years in bridge design and bridge standards. Jennifer has a BSCE from Michigan Tech University and an MSCE from the University of Minnesota. She is a licensed civil engineer, NBIS Team Leader, FAA Certified Small Unmanned Aircraft System pilot, and lead investigator on MnDOT drone research for bridges.
Tue 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm
General Session